Become a positive force for good in your community by offering The Shapes Test™ to those in your city!

For churches, nonprofits and agencies.


A great way to reach new people, and touch your community! Becoming a licensed and exclusive Training Center will allow you to provide special events, conferences and training days to those around you. 

The following modules can be selected to create events and conferences for teams, parents, couples, neighborhoods, etc.

  • 01 I Language
  • 02 | Conflict
  • 03 | Motivation
  • 04 | Change
  • 05 | Stress
  • 06 | Goals
  • 07 | Breakthrough


Licensed Training Centers receive the following resources:

  • Keynote slides for all 7 modules
  • Training notes for all 7 modules
  • Handouts
  • Training for your internal trainers
  • Ongoing consultation
  • Subsidized deals on bulk orders of books, merchandise and other materials
  • Licenses are given on an annual subscription basis


There is no up front cost to becoming a Training Center.

A deposit is required to secure a license for initial training which is then deducted as soon as you offer your first events.

Special deals and incentives are provided for longer subscriptions and as you grow.