Ideal for business, organizations and governmental agencies, this Masterclass will help your team be more effective as they unite around a common vision.

Choose your modules. Choose your format. Choose your trainer.

"It was so fun that I don't think people realized how much they were learning!"

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Masterclass Benefits

The Team Shapes Masterclass is a great opportunity to empower your people and help them grow their interpersonal skills. You can choose a standalone subject or tailor a series to target your specific hopes and challenges. We also offer the experience in various formats.

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Masterclass Subjects

Choose one or multiple subjects to create a series.

  • 01 I Language
  • 02 | Conflict
  • 03 | Motivation
  • 04 | Change
  • 05 | Stress
  • 06 | Unity
  • 07 | Breakthrough
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Format Options

Choose a format that suits you best.

  • Stand Alone Session.
  • Half-Day Event.
  • Retreat.
  • Conference.
  • Webcast.
  • Neighborhood.
  • In-Home.