Faroe Islands

“A caring teacher who uses her communication experience to give people a better start in life and relationships!”

Sanna is a Star and will bring energy and dynamism to your Masterclass.

Born and bred on the Faroe Islands, Sanna co-hosts a popular weekly radio show in which she uses her humor and ability communicating ideas to engage her loyal audience. She is a skilled musician and has used her skills to build and train teams.

Sanna has a passion for families and a strong desire to improve child welfare not only in her nation but also overseas as exhibited by her work with orphans in the Ukraine. After years of living in Denmark, Sanna and family came back to the Faroe Islands to help a local youth and children’s project. Sanna discovered a passion to encourage young mothers, to restore positive values in today’s society, and to help all people receive a good start in life.

Sanna and her husband live with their four children in Tórshavn on the Faroe Islands.