“An engaging communicator whose ability to connect with his audience is born out of a genuine love for people!”

Pete is a Circle and will bring great positivity to your Masterclass.

Leading and training teams for 20 years, Pete Baker is an expert in connecting various agencies and community projects together. His work with schools, non-profits, community agencies and churches has been an inspiration to many and has initiated numerous social action projects to improve the lives of people throughout the UK.

Amongst the networks he is a part of, Pete is famous for ‘building family’. He has an excellent and intuitive understanding of people’s needs and a great capacity to help them feel they belong to something bigger than themselves. A common evaluation of Pete’s communication technique is that he brings an atmosphere of genuine appreciation and understanding to any room in which he enters. His intuition and ability to connect will be appreciated by all who attend The Shapes Test™ Masterclasses.

Pete is married to the beautiful Bryony and has two incredible daughters. They live in Burnley. England.