Now Available! A New Tool to Apply The Shapes Test™ to Your Life

August 10, 2021 Shapes, Books

Available on Amazon, MyShapes Journal is the perfect tool to help you apply your Shape to build a better you! Being a companion to The Shapes Test™ book, this practical guide is filled with questions and exercises to help you move toward greater Relational Intelligence.

This workbook will provide you with an opportunity to progress through three stages that are traditionally believed to turn knowledge into wisdom: Receiving, Discerning, and Repeating. Most importantly, it will give you the space to express yourself beyond the generic descriptions given in the book to more specific descriptions that define who you are as a unique individual. In the end, you will be able to better understand yourself, better understand others, and make yourself better understood.

Whether you would like to do it by yourself, with friends, co-workers or even your employees, this book will be a handy tool. Before being published, it was tested in businesses and individuals who said that the activities were extremely helpful to them and their teams.

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