'Paul Clayton Gibbs'


“An engaging storyteller with a magnetic personality that draws people into a world of possibilities and positivity!”

Michael is a Circle and will bring the art of storytelling to your Masterclass.

Michael Murphy has been a serial entrepreneur for the last 45 years forming his first business at the age of 16 years old. He has been a founder or co-founder of more than 20 companies. He has received accolades from several well known business platforms and one of his companies was the first to be endorsed by the Better Business Bureau. Another received the approval by the US government agency CEA. Perhaps his most prestigious award came when his company was inducted into Inc’s 1000 Hall of Fame.

He has led teams through the peaks and valleys while maintaining a positive attitude. His ability to bring people together and work cohesively and efficiently is intrinsic to his character and driven by a passion to connect with others in order to help them be the best they can be. Michael digs deep in order to understand people and is perhaps best known for his ability to capture people’s attention through his mastery of storytelling. His warmth and enthusiasm will be a great experience for all who attend The Shapes Test™ Masterclasses.

Michael is married to the wonderful Alexandra, empty-nesters of six children and two grandchildren. They reside in Tustin California.