“An experienced communicator with the ability to apply the latest research to improve the understanding of those he teaches!”

Matt is a Star and will bring great wit and wisdom to your Masterclass.

Matt is the CEO of a successful Dallas-based marketing and communications agency. An evangelist for new platforms and technologies, Matt grew up in the world of media with a particular desire to keep ahead of the latest trends. He is known for ensuring that his company constantly evolves as it seeks to leverage data, insights, technology, and creativity for the brands they serve.

Matt is dedicated to building a culture of relentless curiosity and collaboration and brings his gifts for creativity to all areas of his life. He serves and supports various organizations and community groups as they seek to work together. Matt has a strong sense of fun that is only matched by his great wit and humor. He will bring his great experience and humor when presenting new ideas to any Masterclass you wish to present.

Matt is married to Hannah and they live with their three children in Texas, USA.