They are fun, interactive presentations, tailor-made to help you build great relationships. They come in shapes and sizes ideal for stand alone presentations, series, retreats, conferences and neighborhoods.


Fun, interactive presentations to help people build something good together.

A Masterclass can be shaped to your needs in both length and content, and we have multiple formats for various settings.


Ideal for business, organizations and governmental agencies.


Ideal for parents and agencies working with teens.


Ideal for schools, colleges and home school groups.


Ideal for churches, networks and conferences.

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Help others build something good together.

Masterclass Formats

Choose a format that suits you best.

  • Stand Alone Session.
  • Half-Day Event.
  • Retreat.
  • Conference.
  • Webcast.
  • Neighborhood.
  • In-Home.

Masterclass Subjects

Choose one or multiple subjects to create a series.

  • 01 I Language
  • 02 | Conflict
  • 03 | Motivation
  • 04 | Change
  • 05 | Stress
  • 06 | Unity
  • 07 | Breakthrough
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Licensed Trainers

Our Licensed trainers have been thoroughly trained in The Shapes Test™. They not only provided the standardized, high-level material produced by The Masterclass Suite but also constantly receive new training and the latest research. They have a proven track record in communication and public speaking skills. Please note that only The Shapes Test™ Official Licensed Trainers are approved to deliver our copyrighted material.

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