“A passionate entrepreneur with a desire to improve the lives of those he touches and give them to tools they need!”

Daniel is a Triangle and will bring valuable insight to your Masterclass.

Originally from Southern Nigeria, Daniel has traveled widely across the country speaking to various communities, and partnering with local agencies in order to meet the needs of the nation he loves. Daniel co-founded the Royal Youth Volunteers in 2014, which exists to train and equip young people with leadership skills. It is just one example of the many Non-Government Organizations that he has assisted and speaks to his ability to inspire and mobilize people for a common cause.

Daniel is an Entrepreneur with a background in computer science but is best known for his work empowering people from various backgrounds and ethnicities. He brings a notable level of humor during his training and drives home his positive with an uplifting message of empowerment in a thoughtful manner during his weekly podcast.

Daniel is married to the gorgeous Annie Fortunate, a radio presenter for students at the University of Uyo and they both live in Lagos, Nigeria.