Become a Licensed Trainer

The Shapes Test™ is a popular tool for businesses, schools, churches, and other organizations. Its popularity is growing around the world and to meet that need we need more people to train and present the material.

What is a Licensed Trainer?

A licensed trainer is an independent speaker who partners to deliver the various copyrighted interactive training modules of The Shapes Test™. They not only receive the material but also regular training, research updates and creative ideas that will help them present Masterclasses in a fun and informative manner.

A licensed trainer enters into a financial agreement with the Masterclass Suite.

Who qualifies to be a Licensed Trainer?

Although the need is great, we are looking for a specific type of person who can prove a track record in presenting material in an inspirational and compelling manner. Applicants must have a preexisting network that can provide some initial opportunities and be willing to abide by the terms of The Licensed Trainer agreement.

How do I find out more?

The next step would be to fill in the application form. We will then contact you for an interview if we feel you may be a suitable candidate.

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